Pierre MacKenzie

Pierre is an ordinary French-First Nations-Scottish Canadian.  His career-hopping ways have taken him everywhere from Quebec to Sydney to Washington, DC.  Mild-mannered, polite, and inclined to think the best of everyone, he doesn't deserve the endless parade of men's rights activists who dog his every step.


Pierre's cat loves wearing hats and using Pierre's computer when he isn't home.  Name suggested by Lumi.

Paul Elam

The worst thing that ever happened to Paul Elam was developing a following.  A hopelessly rambling, incoherent thinker to begin with, he's enjoyed an ego boost thanks to his hordes of adoring fanboys, thus guaranteeing that he never need consider the possibility that there are any problems with his articles.  His favorite Jelly Belly flavor is tangerine.

Tom Martin

Tom became an MRA cause célèbre when he boldly sued the London School of Economics for gender discrimination because their chairs were too hard.  According to him, hard chairs affect men more than women because women have softer butts.  His favorite word is "whores;" in fact, reliable sources estimate that he accounts for at least 3% of all uses of this word.

Peter-Andrew: Nolan©

Peter-Andrew: Nolan© is a sovereign citizen, which means that he thinks that, if he punctuates his name strangely enough, laws won't apply to him.  Actual law enforcement disagrees; he is wanted by Interpol, Scotland Yard, and the police of Ireland and Australia.  He is currently overstaying a temporary visa in Germany.  His hobbies include pretending to be a court, pretending to be a bank, and attempting to fine people 1000 troy ounces of 99.99% pure gold for mentioning his name.

Theodore Beale

The man also known as "Vox Day" is a simple guy who believes in good, old-fashioned American ideals like creationism, vaccine denialism, and reclaiming America by kicking out all the brown people.  He writes for WorldNetDaily, where he achieved the accomplishment of saying something so racist that even they took it down.  He has gotten rid of his stupid haircut, but the world will always remember.

Suzanne McCarley


Christopher Hitchens

Even posthumously, he retains the power to recruit obnoxious adolescent fanboys.  His hair never looked half this good when he was alive.


This basement-dwelling troglodyte is convinced of his own genius, but has considerable trouble convincing others of that genius.  He invented algebra from first principles when he was nine, passed the MENSA exam while falling-down drunk, and figured out the Voynich Manuscript in half an hour, but people still keep asking him for facts and citations and stuff.  He is secretly a My Little Pony fan.


This unemployed milking machine technician can't get a job because HR has to hire unqualified women instead to fill quotas.  Women also stole the Coke-bottling invention that would have made him a millionaire.  His greatest fears include the Rothchilds, the Illuminati, aggresively evangelistic Jews, flouride, the UN, Title IX, freshwater fish, modern encyclopedias, and the musical Chicago.  He likes peanut butter.

Josh Becker

Josh is just a young guy looking for the woman of his dreams: Someone who will respond to sex offers from strangers on Plenty of Fish.  He is just finishing his tenth year of college.  He likes working out, but after tipping over a few times on particularly windy days, he's beginning to wonder whether he should start exercising his legs, too.


Pro-Male/Anti-Feminist Technology is a little unclear on the concept of "technology," but he's pretty sure that a slapped-together Wordpress blog will somehow defeat the spectre of feminism.  His blog exists because of that realization and to talk about any related subjects as well anything else he feels like talking about.  His other hobbies include backgammon and planning his divorce in case he ever gets married.


Alexius will beg for sex from any woman who will talk to him, including his therapist and his mother.  He has run away from home several times due to his parents' refusal to get him a girlfriend, only to return home when he discovered that there were no girlfriends at  the stop sign on the corner, either.  He liked Mumford and Sons until they started getting played on the radio.  Sources close to him, when asked if his life was an elaborate piece of performance art, were quoted saying "He's not that bright."


Redfield hails from Australia, where his main threat from feminists is constantly-changing sperm bank rules.  But he's thrown for a loop when his 18-year-old son applies to the University of Toronto in that feminist bastion: Canada!


Currently working his way through veterinary school, Guitarshred worries that he should stop dating because women only want him for his money.  He's pretty sure everyone else is envious of all his hard work.  He thinks the world would be simpler if Garanimals came in adult sizes.


This collection of consonants doesn't understand why people tell him "Do it yourself, it's not hard" when he asks them to make him lunch or pick up his socks.  If it was so easy, why couldn't they just do it?


They believe that there will come a day when an omnipotent being will arise who will put an end to all human suffering, resurrect the dead, and punish all those who did not believe in it.  Also, they're atheists.

Max Stubbular

When this Welsh corgi isn't at his day job modeling for Cute Overload, he likes to relax by trying on his collection of collars and chasing sticks at his local dog park.  Authoritative sources indicate that he has the fluffiest little doggy butt in the world.